2.01. Betamax

Welcome back to Iscariot where we've once again endeavored to draw your mind down a rabbit hole that may steal your attention for hours, days, possibly weeks--if you're not cautious.

We will start with this simple Vanagon, the perfect vehicle for our trip into the past--though we expect most of you will never sit in the driver's seat or roll the windows down or feel the wind through your hair on the open highway,

But for those determined souls: good luck. Play well, enjoy this riddle. Pay attention to the details without getting lost in them. We'll see you on the far end of the rabbit hole... we hope.

Bon Voyage,


Solve the Riddle to Claim the Bounties:

Attention player, bounties on the map are identifiable by an easter egg or trophy icon. You can check if the addresses have been cleared by clicking the link in the waypoint popup.

Welcome, new players—you must to play.

Released: November 22, 2022
Status: Partially Open
Bounties: Iscariot NFTs #6–#10

Connect the dots. Map lines for this chapter are unlockable with the Iscariot #5 token, available in-store.