1.04. Black Tie Affair

This riddle takes a break from the dark world of conspiracy to delve into mystery. Someone has disappeared without a trace. Your first assignment: collect enough information to identify the missing subject. Accomplish this, and you will reach the end of the mainline. You may even earn yourself a trophy. But this is just the turnstile to the world of Iscariot. To navigate the more difficult lines you will have to look for clues at deeper levels, navigate shortwave frequencies in search of small bits of useful data, solve logical problems and—if you are to find your way to the end of the redline—perhaps battle insanity itself. Good luck, my friends. We look forward to discovering something too… Who among you is strong enough to reach the end?

*In most cases words in /@links will be separated by hyphens.

Solve the Riddle to Claim the Bounties:

Attention player, you have arrived too late to claim these bounties. This chapter has been cleared.

Welcome, new players—you must to play.

Released: February 06, 2021
Status: Cleared
Bounties: 0.2 ETH, 17,922,727 BLZ

Connect the dots. Map lines for this chapter are unlockable with the Iscariot #2 token, available in-store.