1.03. The Clusterf*ck Crew

The plot thickens as you move through a maze of riddles racing against other players to claim crypto-bounties. Along the way there is misinformation, disinformation, and nothing is as you thought—if you even ever knew what you thought and why you were thinking it in the first place. The least confusing data-points come from the clues in the riddles themselves. Have fun, keep your wits about you, and chose your path wisely—some payouts are better than others.

Solve the Riddle to Claim the Bounties:

Attention player, you have arrived too late to claim these bounties. This chapter has been cleared.

Welcome, new players—you must to play.

Released: December 12, 2020
Status: Cleared
Bounties: 1 ETH, 9.27M BLZ (Main + Easter Eggs)

Connect the dots. Map lines for this chapter are unlockable with the Iscariot #2 token, available in-store.