The Portal is Opening (2020-09-08)

From the desk of Beelzebub—for immediate release:

Fellow travelers,

The portal is opening. It is almost time to embark on our year long voyage into the heart of ultimate truth. Our task is simple: In each of the coming months, Iscariot will guide us to shed one of our worldly veils. This will be accomplished through a proprietary sequence of eleven riddles, each couched in an evolving narrative. At last, you will be challenged to face reality directly and look upon truth with a single eye.

What we are proposing is an epic and thrilling adventure of discovery. In the past, such a quest would be likely be vain and unrewarding. At best, it would be fraught with danger and prone to disaster. Now, thanks to Iscariot’s years of research and their narrative based, proprietary technique, this adventure can be embarked on with confidence and safety, and from the comfort of your own home.

While providing a level of physical safety, this journey is not for the foolish. It isn’t for those who wish to dwell in ignorance. It isn’t for the faint of heart, the stupid, the unfocused. It is for those who wish to harness their will and command the power of their own mind, and who have the fortitude to stare into the face of truth.

To those of you I have lost, good riddance. To those strong enough to make the trip with us, I salute you. Buckle in, pack a sandwich or two and a big bag of BLZ. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.

Yours in Perpetuity,

Dev Notes: Week Ending 09/06/2020



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