1.01. Red Hat Hacker

Ignorance is the womb of the world. Its comfort is divine, yet in return it demands absolute compliance and the surrender of autonomy.

The way of knowledge presents its own challenges. Like any network, the mind is most vulnerable when it is open. For this reason, many seekers are preyed upon, Shanghaied mid-journey. They become forever lost in the void between ignorance and knowledge and never hear from themselves again. Without the comforts and companionship of pure ignorance, they sacrifice to the same ends.

Be careful in this first leg. If you go forth unprepared, what begins in simplicity and joy will end in sorrow. Recognize the snow-blind allure of recirculating side paths and the charm of the siren song that calls you there.

Remain strong. We will celebrate together at the summit of consciousness.

Here are your directions to the trailhead:


Solve the Riddle to Claim the Bounties:

Attention player, you have arrived too late to claim these bounties. This chapter has been cleared.

Welcome, new players—you must to play.

Released: September 21, 2020
Status: Cleared
Bounties: 1.2 eth